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Australian Cyclists Party Endorses Reason -

The Australian Cyclists Party will contest the next Federal Election by supporting the Reason Movement and its forthcoming application as a federal party.

Chaotic conditions in Canberra, changes to electoral laws and the need for a rational and unencumbered voice in politics means it is time for like-minded parties to band together to maximise our chances for electoral success through a new,

Today’s AGM -

If you can’t make it to the AGM today, click on to participate online. You will need to have a Google account to login.  Once you get started, click on the camera icon to turn off your camera (to save bandwidth).

Why ACP? We will...

Recognise the interdependence of transport, town planning and health.

Recognise the interdependence of transport infrastructure, town planning and health. ACP will fight for government to invest in cycling infrastructure – as it is a healthy mode transport that will reduce obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

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Ensure cycle-paths and active transport are provided.

ACP will fight to ensure cycle-paths and other active transport is provided. Governments are talking, we will negotiate investment at the federal, state and local government levels. Infrastructure Australia’s Strategic Plan does not even mention cycling – a travesty we will change.

Foster a culture of respect for cyclists to enhance their safety.

Foster a culture of respect for cyclists to enhance their safety. ACP is researching the world’s best-practice for cycling signage, motorist awareness and mutual respect – we will argue for improved cycling environments – both physical and attitudinal.

Ensure laws encourage cycling and for cyclists & motorists to co-exist.

Ensure laws encourage cycling and for cyclists and motorists to co-exist. ACP will promote cycling participation and challenge punitive laws and exorbitant fines to cyclists. ACP will also create and promulgate cycling awareness programs amongst motorists.

Provide integrated public transport and cycling infrastructure.

Provide integrated public transport and cycling infrastructure. ACP will negotiate for secure bike storage at train stations and shopping centres and space to store bikes on trains, light rail, ferries and buses.

Embrace community engagement to demand governments to act.

Embracing community engagement to demand governments to act. ACP will galvanise the cycling community and form strategic alliances with cycling advocacy groups and clubs and others to demand investment in safe cycling infrastructure.

Meet Our Members

Meet Our Team

Omar Khalifa
ACP Founder and President

Omar is a life-long leisure and (later) commuter cyclist who took up cycling advocacy 6 years ago as CEO of Bicycle NSW.  He later continued to develop community advocacy strategies through Go! Alliance that  led to the creation of the Australian Cyclists Party.

Noel McFarlane
ACP Vice-President

Noel has been in the bike industry for 35 years. Mostly as a wholesaler (Gemini/Mongoose/Cervelo) but also as a touring bike designer and producer (Vivente World Randonneur). He also owns a farm in NW Tasmania. Noel has been a long term bike industry activist and helped set up the CPF in Australia.