Australian Cyclists Party Endorses Reason

The Australian Cyclists Party will contest the next Federal Election by supporting the Reason Movement and its forthcoming application as a federal party.

Chaotic conditions in Canberra, changes to electoral laws and the need for a rational and unencumbered voice in politics means it is time for like-minded parties to band together to maximise our chances for electoral success through a new,

A Tip for You

Cycling Tips is probably one of the world’s coolest cycling websites. The Beauty of Cycling is their tagline and it sums up their content – great photography, great stories and a real passion for their topic.

Today they’ve published an interview with Australian Cyclists Party candidate Richard Bowen. In a wide-ranging interview they covered the need for the Australian Cyclists Party,

Transport, Health, Population, Natural Eco-Systems and Climate

Australian Cyclists Party candidate and environmental educator, Arwen Birch was recently asked to comment on a range of issues including Transport, Health, Population, Natural Eco-Systems and Climate Change. Here’s Arwen’s comments:

I have a long history of involvement in environmental issues from protests to volunteer tree planting and weed removal.

The Wheely Simple Answer to Improved Academic Performance: Ride Your Bike to School

As Governments across the country search for ways to improve the performance of students across the nation, the answer might be as simple as riding your bike to school, says Australian Cyclists Party candidate Marcus Barber.

Research published recently in Pediatrics, a leading medical journal has shown conclusively the causal link between exercise programs and improved brain function and cognitive health.

#TDF Inspiration

When cyclists form a political party aiming to get into Parliament at all costs, where else should they draw inspiration but the greatest bike race, the Tour de France? Australian Cyclists Party strategist Richard Bowen says the principle is the same in politics — you can’t win Le Tour in the first stages but you can lose it early on.