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For over a decade, Geoffrey has been running his own carpentry business based in the northern suburbs, where he has lived for over 20 years.   In his free time he is involved in his children’s sports activities, including coaching his son’s basketball team.

Bikes are a way of life in their household where all three of his children enjoy and ride their bikes regularly.  Safe riding is of the utmost importance to Geoffrey and his family.

Cycling has always been a part of Geoffrey’s lifestyle, which stemmed from his father who never owned a vehicle and always rode a bike.  He is currently a member of a cycling club that rides every week and in the past few years has taken it a step further by riding and training consistently to take part in occasional races in Australia and Europe.

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  1. Kevin Hua

    Dear Mr Geoffrey Cicuto,

    My name is Kevin, I am a resident within the electorate of Batman, I am trying to determine which of the available candidates in the lower house are most akin to my personal values and beliefs. I noted that you’re strongly for road safety and public wellbeing, particular on and around bikes. However, I would like to find out more about your personal stance on other matters that are also important to me, these are as follows:
    1. Marriage equality Vs traditional marriage
    2. Safe Schools Coalition
    3. Liberties and religious liberties and free speech (vilification laws, s18C)
    4. Religious education (funding of religious schools, religious education in public schools and chaplaincy program)
    5. Choice Vs Life (i.e. euthanasia, abortion)
    6. Drug harm prevention & abstinence based programs
    7. Pornography, filters and bans (particularly x-rated porn)
    If you could please let me know before the coming election, it would be much appreciated.


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