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I am a mother of 4, a grandmother and I commute to work regularly and I ride on the weekend for recreation. I am passionate about cycling because it has so many benefits, not just for the cyclist but for the whole community.

Cycling is good for both mental and physical health, it is clean and good for the economy. Liveable cities are so much more pleasant, productive and healthy to live and work in. The evidence is undeniable but powerful interests, such as the fossil fuel industry and associated industries, ensure their interests prevail.

The benefits of cycling are well documented, numerous and not new. From Business Insider Australia ‘Our economy could use a boost. Cyclists in cities like Copenhagen have become the poster children for the benefits of cycling, both at the micro- and macroeconomic level.  In its 2012 Bicycle Account, the city says bike commuters generated savings ($0.42 for each mile biked) in just about every way imaginable: lowered transportation costs, security, branding/tourism, traffic infrastructure and public health.’

And I am also passionate about climate change and transparency in government. My belief is that politicians should be working for all the people they represent, unfortunately this rarely occurs and we are back to transparency. Australia also needs to move into the 21st century and for that we need to empower our young and then keep them here, achieved by supporting their research, education and innovative ideas – for our future.

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