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Childhood paperboy and chemist boy, Jai Cooper, has taken the use of his bike to great lengths. What began as simply a way to get around, cycling for Jai took a major importance when an injury ended his ability to walk significant distances. He now refers to himself as a ‘cyborgian’ cyclist due to his use of the bike as a mobility aid.
Jai lives on the mid-north coast of NSW and has been central to developing such projects as the Port Macquarie Urban MTB Park, Hastings Cycling Advocacy Network and Indigenous cycling programs such as ‘MTB Team Dunghutti’. He currently works with local and state government advising on the popular Googik Track project.
Jai works primarily in the natural resources and youth sector and dabbles part-time in academia as a sociologist. He is undertaking a PhD with The University of Newcastle. His Honours project researched cycling cultures focusing on bicycle advocacy in regional NSW. Jai is the resident ‘bikeademic’ of ‘Cycle’ social media network.
Jai hopes we can ‘democratise’ cycling – making it as accessible to the widest range of people as possible.
Dual suspension, clip-in shoes and a riser to cater for one shortened leg will keep Jai on the bike for a long time yet. He looks forward to your support at this upcoming election.

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