Why join the ACP?

We need to grow our membership to protect our existence and strengthen our voice and influence in parliament.

The stronger our membership base the greater our chances for our candidates to win seats in our elections and to join parliament.

It is only with members in parliament that we can effect change to create a cycling friendly Australia and promulgate and negotiate for our policies to be implemented, funded and secured via legislation.

If you want less traffic and air pollution, improved cycling infrastructure and integration with public transport and public places, then become a member and join us today. You will be helping us to advocate on your behalf to effect change and create a cycling friendly Australia.

Your membership fees are tax deductible and we have three levels of fees to accommodate your budget.


Membership Fees

We have created membership fee options to accommodate your current income situation:
  • Concession (student or pensioner)               $20
  • Salaried worker (Regular membership)        $60
  • Supporter (membership & donation)          $260
  • Membership fees to a registered political party, like the ACP, are tax deductible.

Become a member of the Australian Cyclists Party

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Why Membership Fees?

Membership fees and donations to a registered Australian political party tax deductible for an individual, but not a business. The ACP is registered with the Australian Electoral Commission.

Political parties are not DGRs (Deductible Gift Recipients), however contributions and gifts to them, including membership fees, may be claimed as income tax deductions. Click here for ATO rulings.

Governed by the Australian Tax Office (ATO, 10 Jan’16) for individuals (versus organisations) making personal donations the most that they can claim in an income year is $1,500 for contributions and gifts to political parties and a further $1,500 for contributions and gifts to independent candidates and members.

A deduction for a contribution or gift cannot add to or create a tax loss.

A business taxpayer cannot claim deductions for contributions and gifts to political parties, members and candidates including payments incurred in deriving assessable income. Click here for ATO rulings.

What do our membership fees go towards?

We don’t believe that running a party should be expensive.  And thanks to our generous volunteers the ACP runs on a very small cost base and we utilise digital communications where possible to minimise our costs. For example the relaunch of this official ACP website (Feb’16) cost less than $500 and a lot of volunteers’ time.

However there are still significant costs just to operate the organisation and we need to grow our membership to secure our future and advance our influence.

Your fees are allocated to the following:

  • Electoral commission party filing fees (state and federal)
  • Accounting and auditing fees
  • Candidate expenses (travel, election collateral etc)
  • Web site hosting, secure payment gateway and other software tools and plugins
  • Our member management software and database infrastructure
  • Printing costs for handouts, banners, etc
  • Post office box rental and postage on written communications
  • Promotion costs on mainstream and social media

How were ACP dues determined?

We looked at our current costs and donations and the shortfall today and gauging the anticipated costs for our growth.  We then benchmarked against large and several political parties, including the Shooters and Fishers Party ($30), Future Party ($54), Greens ($60/$20), the ALP ($50/$20) and the LNP ($110/$45), to arrive at what we believe is a reasonable fee, which is at the lower end of the pricing scale.  We are committed to keeping the tiers simple and the process easy to manage.

What if I am not in a position to pay to be a member right now?

We ask all of our members to transition as soon as possible.  Given that we have a Federal Election to prepare for and need to re-submit current members to qualify for the 2018 NSW elections, all previous members will remain members until the end of 2016.  By that time we hope most members will have renewed and paid their memberships.

As of 1 January 2016 all new members are required to pay their membership fee: adult or concession.

We are asking for your support today, because if we lose you, and too many other members, it will reduce our ability to qualify for future elections and threaten our existence.