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ACP candidate Mark Horner was a guest on Bronwen O’Shea’s ABC Goulburn Murray’s  Morning Show on 26 November. Whilst the segment wasn’t streamed or recorded, here’s what Mark covered.

The Australian Cyclists Party was established to make cycling accessible and available to everyone. We believe that cycling can make everyone’s life better, whether you choose to ride, or not. It deserves to be an equal part of the transport mix, and be funded accordingly. It’s many benefits, such as health and well being, affordable transport, and fun, spread throughout society. 

My name is Mark, and with my colleague Arwen, and those of us standing in other electorates, we hope to persuade you to vote for us in this election. 

I started riding when I was young, and it has been an important part of my life since then. I see what joy and utility cycling brings to many people, and hope I can persuade you that it deserves your vote to help make it less daunting to those who don’t yet, and also those who want to do it more. Northern Victoria is a perfect place to ride – quiet roads, friendly towns, and interesting and varied terrain. Our single issue is making life here more interesting, fulfilling and engaging, by being in the community, not just looking at the passing scenery.

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