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Noel grew up on a farm at Griffith and came to the inner west of Sydney to attend Sydney University where he studied economics and government. He started a bike shop in Newtown and later set up in Summer Hill as a wholesaler. The business moved to Marrickville a few years ago.

During all these years Noel has used a bicycle to get around. Wanting others to feel safe on the roads, he became involved in bicycle advocacy. Through the industry wholesalers’ organization he helped create the Cycling Promotion Fund. The objective was to have the Federal Government take funding and leadership responsibility for cycling and active transport. Cycling had traditionally been treated as a state and local government matter but the benefits of health and low carbon emissions are national ones.

Noel is an avid cycle tourer and has seen first hand how other countries have much safer conditions for riding. He sees Westconnex, the very low level of ‘active transport’ and the miserable government action on climate change in Australia as metaphors for a kind of society he does not want for his children. He is interested in the personal implications for communities in addressing climate change.

Noel is a futurist, keen to play a part in helping Australia change direction. With the mounting global climate problem this includes confronting our endless appetite for energy. He asks for your support in the House of Representatives in the seat of Grayndler.

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