Sydney Harbour Bridge Steps

The Australian Cyclists Party is committed to creating more liveable communities and to fair access to transport options for everyone. So, in March 2016, we wrote to our Prime Minister and the NSW Premier.

Dear Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Premier Mike Baird,

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of Australia’s most famous national icons yet remains a glaring testament to a lack of sensitivity and commitment by government to address the needs of people with disabilities.

Today, if someone – of any age – cannot manage the flights of steep steps, they are effectively denied equal access to the walkway and traversing the bridge. A similar challenge awaits those with children in prams or those unable to push their bike up a steep ramp on the other side. Those using mobility scooters wheelchairs are left with few options.

While billions of state and federal dollars are being committed on roads and other infrastructure, state and federal governments have so far been unwilling to upgrade the nation’s most famous symbol of Australian infrastructure for a relative pittance.

After many years of foot dragging, it is time this was addressed. The Sydney Harbour Bridge should be a symbol of community caring and pride for all Australians.

Prime Minister, Premier, will you now commit to finally doing what is right and fair?

As it stands, this week we will be supporting the filing of a complaint to the Australian Human Rights Commission.


The Australian Cyclists Party, Our Members and Supporters


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