Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

Creating a cycling-friendly Australia.


Our Mission

We contest in government elections to affect political change – to affect the changes necessary to give more people the opportunity to cycle and to do so safely.

We see a close link between cycling and transport, health, environment and town planning priorities and focus on maximising these inter-related aspects of our community by developing and promulgating evidence-based policies.


Our Values

  • Honesty and integrity in how we act
  • Respect for diversity among individuals and communities
  • Pragmatic in our approach
  • Passionate about what we stand for
  • Aspirational and optimistic in our vision of the future
  • Affinity for the needs of our members
  • Determination in achieving our goals

Our Guiding Values Beyond Bicycling

Our guiding values indicate what is important to us and what we stand for. They will influence how we would vote in parliament on issues beyond bicycling.

We support a properly functioning government that provides for the aspirations and needs of all of its citizens including:

  • Adopting evidence-based and pragmatic approaches to policy solutions
  • Collaborating and engaging in the running of government
  • Creating a sustainable economy that serves and safeguards individual and community interests
  • Using long term planning horizons to underpin major investment and policy decisions
  • Investing wisely in innovation to create job opportunities and national wealth
  • Respecting the environment to ensure the health and prosperity of current and future generations
  • Through transparency, ensuring freedom from corruption, intimidation and behaviours unbecoming of its leadership role
  • Representing the highest ideals of being Australian and our standing as a respected member of the international community
  • Empowering individuals to be capable and self-reliant
  • Balancing individual rights with community responsibility
  • Strengthening communities to be resilient and able to overcome their challenges with a localised approach.

If you share our vision and mission, we encourage you to get involved and join us