The ACP Executive Committee

The ACP Executive Committee is Made of 11 Members, from a range of professions and backgrounds, and united in their passion to create a cycling friendly Australia.

Omar Khalifa, ACP Founder and President

Omar is a life-long leisure and (later) commuter cyclist who took up cycling advocacy 6 years ago as CEO of Bicycle NSW.  He later continued to develop community advocacy strategies through Go! Alliance that  led to the creation of the Australian Cyclists Party.

Omar began his career as an engineer working at the Kennedy Space Center before moving to product development roles with Hewlett Packard and Apple Computer.  His work in product life cycle management led to his appointment as Policy Director for the Business Council for Sustainable Development in Geneva.

Omar has now lived in Australia for nearly 20 years and has worked primarily with product development with Optus, Telstra, Citigroup, Unwired and with Uniseed, a venture capital firm.  He later led the development of an online young people’s community – Livewire – for the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

Omar is currently an Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of Wollongong’s iAccelerate innovation hub and spends his spare time helping to raise fish, chickens, pigs and helping to grow vegies.


Noel McFarlane, ACP Vice-President

Noel has been in the bike industry for 35 years. Mostly as a wholesaler (Gemini/Mongoose/Cervelo) but also as a touring bike designer and producer (Vivente World Randonneur). He also owns a farm in NW Tasmania. Noel has been a long term bike industry activist and helped set up the CPF in Australia.

Noel does not own a car and cycles over 10,000km a year. He loves to go on bike tours. At his stage in life (61) he is lucky to be touring internationally several times a year. He sees first hand how bikes are used in many counties. His advocacy focus is particularly on Canberra where he sees top-down policy development and tied funding as the keys to bringing change in Australia.


Rich Nicol, Volunteer Engagement

Rich has been cycling all of his life as a commuter, a road rider and even worked as a bicycle courier for a year and a half. He has recently become passionate about the promotion of cycling as an accessible means of active transport to foster better mental and physical health for all Australians.

Rich has worked in environmental management, corporate sustainability  and energy efficiency for nearly 15 years. He currently works for Car Next Door which is a neighbourhood car sharing start up company providing real transport solutions in Sydney and Melbourne.


Rebecca Palser, Marketing and Fundraising

Rebecca is a cycling enthusiast and commuter cyclist whose experience on the roads has motivated her to “do something to make our roads safer for kids, commuter and club cyclists”; she joined the Australian Cyclists Party and Committee in 2015.

Rebecca has over 30 years’ experience in sales and marketing and 10 years in fundraising. She began her career in market research at Nielsen Media she has gained expertise in quantitative research analysis and evidence-based, strategic marketing. Rebecca has held a variety of executive roles including in marketing and media companies, including: Sales Director, General Manager, Trade Marketing Director and an Executive Committee Member at Emap where she headed the Parenting Division and helped to launch magazines and websites.

In 2006 Rebecca decided to move to the not for profit sector to use her expertise to raise revenues to support girls’ education and more recently medical research. Her current role is Associate Director of Development for the Sydney Medical School Foundation at the University of Sydney, which raised $133 million in donations during 2015.

When not at work or cycling, Rebecca is watching cycling – a Tour De France and Giro tragic – plays golf, and is a student and tutor at The School of Practical Philosophy.


Sam Reich, ACP Secretary and Candidate Coordinator

Sam’s background is in mineral resources management, but in 2014 he retired into full time bicycle use, promotion and advocacy. For a number of years, Sam has been an active campaigner for improving safety and amenity for bicycles and cyclists, especially in our urban environment. He has served as Secretary of the Newcastle Cycleways Movement BUG and helped to coordinate the Newcastle/Lake Macquarie CycleSafe Network proposal. He has also served on several boards of incorporated associations, including five years as National Treasurer of the Ulysses Club, overseeing growth from 12,000 to 30,000 members during that time.

Sam has stood for the lower house (Legislative Assembly) seat of Newcastle in the 2015 NSW state election, and received strong support from the Newcastle media and civic groups. He is passionate about the revitalisation of the City of Newcastle, and promotes the enhancement of the urban environment through the re-prioritisation of active transport, the modernisation of public transport and the design of public places for people. Sam is an avid bike rider, and has toured both in Australia and internationally by bicycle.


Edward Stratton-Smith, Legal and Contracts

Edward is a Barrister at Edward Barton Chambers.

Edward was admitted to practice in 2003 and signed the Bar Roll in 2010.  He has a wide ranging practice encompassing criminal law and general civil litigation, including commercial and contract matters.

Before moving to the Bar, Edward worked for the Crown Solicitor’s Office where his practice included criminal prosecutions, employment law and administrative law.


Roman Ciurpita, ACP Treasurer

Roman is an avid cyclist having experienced the health, enjoyment and financial benefits of commuting and touring cycling for more than 25 years. Roman is a member of and volunteers for many cycling organisations helping to promote the benefits of cycling to the wider community.

Roman has more than 30 years commercial experience working for financial institutions in Australia and elsewhere. Since 2007 Roman has been working in a private capacity as a consultant to the finance industry. This finance experience, particularly relating to the regulatory environment and policy making areas has enabled him to fulfil treasurer roles in a number of not for profit community organisations.

Luke Freeman, Media and Communications

I believe that Australia is a place where we should all have the freedom to live happy and healthy lives. However, we are trapped with infrastructure that limits our mobility and costs us our health, our money, and stresses us out. My goal is to enable Australia to be healthier, happier, and safer by making our cities more walkable, rideable, and liveable.

We live in a democracy where every vote counts. Our governments don’t have a great track record of keeping promises. I want our votes to send a message to Canberra that we want our government to be accountable to  yet another promise to build more liveable cities. We can improve the health of our families AND put money back in the public purse.

I’ve worked in marketing and communications for both the corporate and public sectors, and I am now working for logistics startup Sendle.  I wrote my thesis on electoral systems and that has had an impact on the way I think about politics and the possibility of making positive changes in a healthy democracy.

Nik Dow, Online Presence and Member Management

Since 1964 Nik has used a bicycle as his main means of transport. Over recent decades the advantages of mass adoption of the bicycle for transport have become more and more compelling and Nik has been involved locally in Melbourne and nationally in efforts to remove the obstacles to mass cycling. Nik believes Australia has much to gain by making cycling ubiquitous.

Nik works in IT as an independent contractor with customers in Australia and elsewhere, and travels (with a folding bicycle) to various places learning from other cities.

Ted Re, Policy and Social Media Editor

Edward studied engineering, and has a background in SCADA software support. A keen rider, he has ridden and driven in different cities and regions, experiencing big traffic jams in small cities, and seeing traffic flow well in big cities.
He believes prioritising active transport and giving people options results in a transport system that works better for everyone, car drivers included. He has a passion for sustainable liveable cities which are pleasant to live in, and equitable and safe for all road users.
He has been a member of the Australian Cyclist Party since 2013. He ran as a candidate in the NSW elections in the seat of Willoughby in 2015.

1 Appointment — Current Vacancy

Reference & Experts Panel

Terms of Reference

The purpose of the Reference and Experts Panel is to assist the Australian Cyclists Party (“ACP”) in achieving its vision and strategic objectives.

The Panel is made up of people/organisational representatives with established expertise in matters related to the adoption of cycling and support for cyclists, as well as the processes and policy initiatives of the Party. They help us to inform our policies and approach.

The terms of reference for the Panel and Panellists:

  • The Panel is an advisory group, with no Executive powers, and exists to enable the Committee to seek the Panel’s review and comment on draft policies or approaches.
  • The Panel operates from voluntary effort and relies on the goodwill of the Panellists to assist when they can.
  • By being appointed to the Panel a person, or organisation, is not deemed to be endorsing the ACP, its policies or candidates.

Selection criteria of the Panellists:

  • Members are selected from a diverse range of backgrounds and relevant expertise, based on their in/direct experience with cycling or cyclists or the workings of political parties and come from any profession.
  • Selection is based on their:
    • deep understanding of the issues that the Australian Cyclists Party wishes to further advance;
    • commitment to adopt and support the vision, mission, and objectives of the party.
  • Panel members are nominated and approved by the ACP Executive Committee.
  • The Panellists may be either individuals or organisations represented by an appointed individual.



  • Panel members may communicate their involvement on the Panel. However, they are not to speak on the Panel’s or the Party’s behalf unless authorised by the ACP Executive Committee. 


  • A confidentiality agreement covers all communications between Panellists and the Party.
  • Often it is not necessary or useful for the Panel to meet as a whole, but instead more useful for one or more Panel members to meet together or with members of the ACP’s Committee. Such meetings are not minuted.
  • Communication may be in person, by email or Skype, or teleconference.
  • We encourage proactive communications when a Panel member believes that their contribution may be useful to a topic at hand or to anticipate an issue of relevance.
  • List of Panel Members
  • Damian Maclennan – Owner and administrator of online cycling communities Sydney Cyclist, Melbourne Cyclist and Brisbane Cyclist
  • Elaena Gardner – Cycling Advocate, BUG President, Community Engagement Specialist
  • Warren Salomon – Sustainable Transport Consultant
  • Dr. Emma Pharo – Senior Lecturer Discipline of Geography, School of Land and Food, University of Tasmania
  • Bicycle Network  “More People Cycling More Often”
  • Dr. Steven Fleming – Senior Lecturer, Architectural History, Theory and Design, University of Tasmania
  • Dr. Jan GarrardSenior Lecturer in Public Health, Deakin University
  • John McInerney – Architect, Town Planner and ex-Deputy Lord Mayor of City of Sydney
  • Geoff Morgan – Co-Founder, Morgan & Banks/Talent2; Owner Morgan and Banks Investments
  • Dr. Angelina RussoAssociate Dean of Research and Professor of Cultural Practice, University of Canberra

State and Territory Coordinators

Terms of Reference

The purpose of our State and Territory Coordinators is to connect with their local community and to share the vision and work towards help us to achieve our strategic objectives.

  • New South Wales – ACP Committee
  • Western Australia – Heinrich Benz
  • Victoria – Troy Parsons lead; Brad King; Timothy Marshall; Geoff Ballard
  • Tasmania – Kerry Wightman
  • Queensland – TBD
  • South Australia – TBD
  • ACT – TBD
  • Northern Territory – TBD