Why the Australian Cyclists Party?

We have decided to form a political party in order to effect change and create a cycling friendly Australia.

By taking part in the political arena we have a voice, and when we win seats in parliament then our voice becomes stronger – that’s why we need your vote.

At your local, state and federal elections vote 1 for the ACP and the ACP preferences. If every adult cyclists (all 3.6 million of weekly cyclists and some 5.6 million occasional cyclists – see The Facts page) voted 1 for the ACP then the party would hold several seats in federal and state senates (upper houses).

Our purpose is to address our nation’s cycling and mobility issues including:

  • Recognising the interdependence of transport, health, planning and other government functions in supporting the healthy modes of sustainable transport
  • Working to ensure cycling and other active transport choices are perceived safe and represent low injury risk
  • Fostering an environment of mutual respect and obligation by all individuals to each other regardless of their chosen transport choice
  • Ensuring enforcement measures and liability laws encourage safer co-existence of cyclists and other road users
  • Providing appropriate infrastructure and other measures to pro-actively and adequately support cycling – backed by all levels of government
  • Embracing the importance of community engagement and fair, equitable and evidence-based processes in assessing transport priorities and spending.
  • Details of the party can be found at Australian Electoral Commission.

Registration at the Australian Electoral Commission

Registration details of the party can be found at Australian Electoral Commission.

Our policies are evidence based and currently evolving

Cycling – has proven health and social benefits