With a united effort, focused on a single issue we can be heard.
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Get Involved - Volunteer

The ACP is a fledgling political party, established in 2014, and although we have achieved a lot in a matter of months, there is much to be done.

We are currently all volunteers, donating our time, money and undertaking pro-bono work, for most of us, after hours. Why? Because we are passionate about cycling and want to change the culture of Australia in favour of creating a cycling friendly Australia.

This change for the better will require both government and community investment. And that’s why we are calling for both cyclists and our non-cycling friends to help us.

We hope that these cyclists’ issues will energise and galvanise the people across Australia.

How can you help?

  • Promote our cause – wearing our cool gear
  • Stoking at elections – handing out “How to Vote” cards
  • Letter box drop – delivering fliers in your neighbourhood
  • Putting up posters – in your own front yard or shop
  • Share your skills and time – with our Executive Committee
  • Apply to become a candidate

And of course you can always make a donation which is tax deductible.

Act today for better cycling tomorrow.

I cycle – I vote

  • The Australian Greens was established as a national political party in 1992, galvanised by a single issue – to protect the Franklin River, in the wilderness of Tasmania, from becoming a dam for hydro-electricity – they now hold the balance of power in both the federal House of Representatives and Senate. Our issue is more far reaching and our political potential is also greater.

Get Involved - Take Action NSW!

We will use this page to continue to highlight news and actions you can take to voice displeasure with the changes being implemented in NSW from March 1st, 2016.

Protest at Sydney CBD

Protest_Peddle NSW_cropped2_23Jan16What happened? On Sunday the 24th January over 100 cyclists, including ACP Executive Committee members, congregated in Hyde Park to ride in protest of the proposed new legislation affecting NSW cyclists.

Participants of the protest decided to take action. Over 100 “ID Cards” will be sent to various ministers in NSW parliament with communication that argues that these laws are unjustified, unfair and unacceptable to the majority of NSW cyclists.

What’s next? There are more protest rides organised for January and February by various cycling organisations so check our facebook page for some of these events. (Omar is this correct? Who looks after facebook?)

Why bother? We, the ACP, encourage you to attend our cycling alliances’ protests and activities. As a cycling community if we form a groundswell of people, from all walks of life, that believe these laws are a step backward for our health, the environment and liveable cities and communicate this to the politicians that this proposed legislation is not acceptable, then we can effect change. Get involved and take action.